How does it work?

BodyWave® technology

BodyWave reads brain activity through the human body via a uniquely innovative armband that houses brainwave sensors. The armband can attach to the arm, ankle, or wrist so there’s no need to use uncomfortable, invasive, or silly looking headsets.

BodyWave’s patent pending design monitors the brain’s physiologic signal through the body via dry sensors that acquire brain signal and transfer it wirelessly to a mobile device or PC. BodyWave is used to control Play Attention’s cognitive computer exercises so the mind becomes the mouse or joystick! Attention becomes real, concrete, and controllable in less than a minute!

Play Attention is the only program available that integrates BodyWave technology, attention training, memory training, cognitive skill training, social skills training, motor skills training, and behavioural shaping into one comprehensive package. It’s Sheer Genius!