The Intervention process

Biolink sessions using the play attention software are individualized for each person. It’ sheer genius! (This is not a one fit for all program). Goals or areas of concern that needs to be addressed are set in die beginning of the program and the appropriate exercises are then chosen. Each individual’s information is stored on the computer and the unique software will set goals for each individual as they progress through the program to make sure that the goals are met.

The brain will learn new skills through a process of self-regulation where new skills are trained and maintained. BioLink utilizes auto adjusting attention parameters. When you are connected to the BioLink system, the software constantly monitors your incoming attention data. Every second, the data is examined and the BioLink software determines your maximum attentive state for that moment. This means that BioLink will challenge every student as they do the BioLink sessions.  Because of this auto adjustment feature, each client gets individualised training guided toward maximum attention.

BioLink sessions are simple skill building, no different from learning any other skill like Latin, or Karate, or multiplication tables.  The only difference is that, since attention itself is normally intangible, we have to have certain technology to transform it into a visible quantity for teaching.

Because attention can be measured the individual gets real-time feedback on his/her attention levels.

A minimum of 40 to 60 hours of training is recommended.

Sheer Genius™ Technology

  • Sets and prioritizes achievable goals to increase performance
  • Tells you when to advance between Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced skill options
  • Helps identify and correct problem behaviours
  • Uses an auto-adjust algorithm to keep you challenged and custom tailors your session
  • Creates an environment to teach delayed gratification and personal goal setting
  • Logs improvement and changes in self – esteem
  • Collects data and generates easy to read graphs