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Clinical studies have shown that a minimum of 40 to 60 hours of brain training exercises is required to learn a new skill. This may vary and additional training is often recommended to ensure permanent change. At Biolink we understand your feelings of frustration, eagerness to help your child and expectations of quick results as a parent. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix BUT, we can give you answers, provide a solution and support you and your child through the process.


Step 1

Book a focus test

The 20 minute Focus test is a computerised performance test, measuring 4 building blocks of attention. During the Focus CPT test, attention is measured objectively and cannot be influenced by people’s opinion. Your child’s results are compared to norm groups. The results will show your child’s ability to pay attention compared to norm groups. Problem areas can be identified

Book a test Watch the video

Step 2


Discussion of your child’s Focus CPT responses and report
Answers to your questions are provided
Options are discussed

Step 3

Enroll in a BioLink Personalised Program

At Biolink we integrate Play Attention feedback technology with cognitive skills training. Each program is individualized to address strengths and weaknesses identified in the results from your child’s Focus CPT test.
Each exercise targets a separate cognitive skill that is typically challenging for people with attention problems to do but necessary for success!

Your child receives real time feedback to see when concentration is lost.
What type of results can parents expect? Improvements in your child’s ability to sustain concentration and focus. Improvement of behaviours associated with poor concentration through our behaviour modification program Strategies for managing your child's misbehaviour through administering reinforcement and rewards when the child complies and achieve their goals Self-awareness when concentration is lost
Improved brain processing speed Improvement in impulsive behaviour
Filtering out of distractions “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotl

Watch the video

Step 4

Parent & Learner Support

We offer a wide variety of Interactive workshops to support learners and parents:

- Mommy makes learning Fun Gr 1 - Gr 3
- Bridging course for Gr 3 learners moving into Gr 4
- Study method courses from Gr 4

The Study Hub Centre:

Here we aim to coach learners to become independent in studying and summarising their learning subjects in a stress free environment as well as enhancing their reading ability.

- Assisting with summarising learning subjects
- Assistance with comprehension tests
- Preparation for tests and exams
- Proficient reading program

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